Saturday, 18 August 2007

Me miss Daddy

Hi stupid pranks guy. I miss you too. Haven't had much forced cuddling and whirling pilot lessons in a long time. As you can see on the video, I am grooming grooming grooming in order to look good when you come. Have been running on the terrace a lot today. Your message brought me in a good mood you see. I have done some rolls in my house and I have figured out I can jump from the upper floor of my house and down on the terrace floor. Mommy says I can jump back up too but I'm not so sure about that. Maybe I’ll think about it while meditating in the wind.

That Pudding is quite a handsome guy I must say. I’ve never met a cat before. Is he as charming as I am? What about soft and fluffy?

Please come home soon. I think you guys should go and get me some new branches, and bunny-proof the livingroom.


guy said...

hi beautiful girl.

oh, you are sooo cute! me miss you too. take care, pilot lessons comming soon

HairyYet said...

Hi guy!!! The woman's pilot lessons suck big time. She's good in the food department though.

Petter rabbit said...

Hei there. I found this blogg and must say you are a pretty girl. I really like your parents H, so say give them my best.
Petter in Norway

HairyYet said...

Hi Petter. Cool, greetings from Norway. My parents are quite nice. The woman thinks she has some control and discipline. How mistaken she is! Say hi to your parents too. Are they stingy on carrots?