Saturday, 22 September 2007

It's all for me!!!

I am terribly sorry for not having updated my blog lately. The guy and the woman haven't had the time to help me because they've been busy hammering, painting and so on. But they did it all for me!!! They kicked me out and when I came back the kitchen was violet, the hall was green and the toilet red! They say they chose the colours because they fit my fur!!! They've promised to take pictures later. Not only did they paint, they've been bunnyproofing the livingroom for days and days. It's a bit oh no, I had hoped I could get a nice bite of some of the power cords and hide out in some caves I know are there, but they've blocked everything. They’ve given me some other places to hide though. And look what they did to prevent me from screwing up internet, satellite tv, loudspeakers and more – this one is now nicely, too nicely, attached under the heater where all the important cords are:

Now I can run around in the livingroom as I want. I can be a wild, crazy, dangerous, breadhunting beast while the humans try to have a nice breakfast while watching Kommissar Rex. And I can disturb Mum's nap and get some cuddle by Dad whenever I want. Just take a look:

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Anonymous said...

bunny proof livingroom is we all have been waiting for. Finally small bunny will rule the flat (amost whole falt). Kisses from little pandas.