Sunday, 16 March 2008

Chica Blonda

A couple of weeks ago Mummy came home with this - a young, slim, long-haired blond chick:

As you can see, she's occupied a beer hut and she likes MY friend Bandito very much. He pretends he likes her too sometimes. Stupid game.

Jessie is her name or Elwira/Kasia or whatever. Jessie is so messy. Messy messy messy. And she's fast. Just look how she escapes when I try to give her a nice buttbi.. er.. butthug:

Mum and Dad call me Teufelin but as you can see I am so innocent. Can't you see the innocence in my eyes? We've had some one-on-ones too you know. Look at this lovely pair of lionheads:

It was totally voluntary and my initiative and no film trick of course

oh bugger, you saw nothing.

I'm not sure this so-called beauty can be trusted. Just look at her, she looks like a fox! Foxes ain't no good for wabbits!

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