Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hi Dad

Just to let you know that we are doing fine. Jessie has disappeared, which is fine, and Bambino and I are making a mess in the flower pot, which is fine, and Mummy thought it was Jessie and was yelling at her, which is fine. So we are fine.


guy said...

hi kids, you guys behave and don't mess up tooo much. daddy misses you :)

HairyYet said...

We miss you too. Mummy kissed us yesterday and said it was from you. Then she ate a few cranberries. She must have misread your sms. Kisses for Mummy, cranberries for us. Please confirm.

guy said...

oh no, how's that possible? poor you guys, of course hereby I confirm: cranberries for you, kisses for mummy. that's a one tricky mummy