Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Long time no see

Die Möhrenspender/The carrot suppliers haven't updated our blog in a long time but we are still going strong. We were going a bit too strong on each other during summer holiday so to reduce the impact of the disharmony in our bunny camp, Jessie is now mostly with the humins whereas Bandito and I rule the rest of the place. The people here talk about re-bonding. Mumbo-jumbo if you ask me. Somehow it involves a flying Jessie. Here the bloke and I are in our new hangout:

We look like angels, don't we? We are the golden girl and the golden boy, Bambino has after all goldtipped steel fur. Apparently I am not the only golden girl though. Our parents say that I am the monochrome golden girl on the monochrome rug. Stupid as it sounds, the other golden girl, the polychrome golden girl gets the polychrome rug. Nice rug if it wasn't for that fury thing on it:

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