Thursday, 14 April 2011


Mummy made a cake today and gave us a plate with leftover strawberries.

It was quite tricky to eat and chase Jessie at the same time.

Mummy even picked me up and put the plate closer to Jessie but she didn't realise that Jessie doesn't like strawberries. Jessie doesn't like any goodies I think. But Bambino does. I was a good girl and cleaned the plate.

Mummy went to the kitchen to find pineapple for Jessie. Then she held me tight while Jessie was eating. I said that Jessie doesn't like goodies. She only eats to be polite. Mummy put me down before Jessie had finished chewing and I almost made her choke on the pineapple. Now I am in the kitchen and wonder how I can get up to the stove and quality check the strawberry-banana-lemon-lavender cake.

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